offers glass pipes, incense, gifts and more!

We get it. We get you.

You are different. So are we. You march to another beat. So do we.
Embrace those differences, and make some connections at Maja’s.

Like-minded people meet every day at Maja’s in Skowhegan, Maine, where you can find everything you need for your unique lifestyle. It is where we bring a positive energy to the surrounding Somerset County area, including Madison and Fairfield.

Since 2011, Maja’s has offered a variety of wares, including glass pipes, incense, gifts and trinkets, and a joyful vibe to West Central Maine.

And along with our glass pipes, gifts, trinkets and decor, we offer friendly smiles and some great conversation!

We Are Now Open At Our New Location!

Not Pipe Dreams

at Maja’s, a Pipe Reality

At Maja’s, we sell a wide assortment of glass pipes and hookahs. We also offer hookah tobacco and incense.

But we have a higher aim here at Maja’s. We are more than glass pipes, hookahs, tobacco, and incense. At Maja’s, you will find a wide, varied mix of gifts, anything from purses to trinkets to home decor.

  • – Glass pipes
  • – Vapes
  • – Incense
  • – Tapestry
  • – Body Jewelry
  • – Clothing Men & Women

We Have a

Different Fashion Sense at Maja’s

At Maja’s, our fashion sense also does not really fit a mold. Simply, we have a different flair for fashion. We sell a merry medley of clothing and jewelry for both men and women, including body jewelry for piercings.

  • – Tie Die collections
  • – Purses
  • – Sterling silver jewelry
  • – Healing stones
  • – Salt lamps
  • – Gifts

Creating Higher Positivity

in West Central Maine

Find us at 62 Mount Pleasant Ave in Skowhegan, Maine, for everything you could want, from glass pipes, incense, hookahs and hookah tobacco, gifts, clothing, body jewelry, home decor and much more! While you’re here, get a smile and some friendly conversation, free of charge!

We get you. We get your lifestyle. Come catch our positive spirit at Maja’s.